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Wearable Devices: The Next Frontier in Enterprise Mobility?

Wearables are making a smashing comeback. They are sleeker, they are nicer, and they are a lot better than before. Industry studies provide supporting statistics. The wearables market is projected to reach the $150 billion mark by 2026. The reason for their increasing popularity is the terrific convenience. The growing momentum of adoption of wearable…

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3 Essentials of Mobility Lifecycle Management that Every CIO Must Know

The shipment of enterprise mobility devices is expected to nearly double over the period from 2017 to 2021. By offering better responsiveness, higher efficiency, and increased productivity, mobility is transforming the way in which businesses and business leaders operate. Enterprise mobility adoption is no more a new development. It has already reached the stage of…

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The Struggle with Enterprise Mobility Management

The future of mobility looks bright. But, that doesn’t mean that it’s a smooth road ahead. In fact, businesses embracing mobility continue to grapple with a number of challenges. Most challenges facing mobility management are not technological, but rather human in nature. Therefore, businesses continue to face some tough challenges when implementing and managing mobility.…

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