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IoT, Edge Computing, You

The Internet of Things (IoT) is expanding and incorporating more “things” every day, which is great for accessibility and availability of data – but at some point, processing all the data that IoT devices within your enterprise generate could begin to overload your systems. However, there is a better way – Edge Computing. What is…

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Video and Unified Communication on Mobile

Unified communications is a concept and framework for making business communications simple and straightforward. It isn’t a single platform or application, but rather an interconnected system that allows multiple different devices and applications to work together to facilitate a better experience for the humans that need to communicate. Video calls and video conferencing were once…

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Digital Transformation and Mobility

The starting place for many businesses and processes is a notepad. Plain and simple, whatever needs to be achieved is written down and a business or system is built from this. These systems are often fully analog, and as such may involve a lot of work for everyone involved. There is a better way, and…

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Importance of Mobile Device Inventory Management

A business can only be successful by measuring certain ways in which the enterprise performs. It’s not enough to guess what’s going on, and so inventory management is highly important. There are two kinds of inventory management to consider – the products or items that a company considers as stock to be sold, and also…

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Mobile First – What Does It Mean for Your Company?

“Mobile first” is a new way of thinking about how users interact with content, specifically with websites and online data. Since the introduction of the smartphone there has been a greater interest in getting online whenever and wherever possible, which has led to the new mobile first paradigm. The Reasons Behind Mobile First When the…

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