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Impact of Huawei Ban on Enterprise Mobility in the US

Even if you’re not sure how to pronounce it (“Wah-way”), you’ve most likely heard of Huawei. (1) As well as being a leading manufacturer of smartphones, Huawei have recently hit the headlines after President Trump signed an executive order in May preventing US organizations purchasing telecommunications products from foreign manufacturers. Huawei, a Chinese company, is…

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Tech Is Making Roads Safer One Way Or The Other

While we get ever closer to driverless cars, many technological advancements are making driving safer for drivers themselves, and for other road users. Common technological features that are available in older vehicles include cameras and sensors that provide alerts about the surrounding area. Are you about to reverse into a wall? The sensor will let…

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Can Android Devices Be as Secure or Better Than Apple Devices?

Security on mobile devices is important for keeping your data safe. This may be personal data or business data, but whatever is stored on your device will need protecting. From a physical point of view, both Android and iOS offer options including biometrics and passcodes to prevent unauthorized access, making either operating system secure. When…

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iOS 13 Is Set to Enhance MDM. Here’s How.

With upgrades for everything imaginable being announced at the Apple WWDC 2019 event, iOS 13 didn’t come as a great surprise. (1) Many of the features that are built into the new version of Apple’s OS are perfect for enhancing Mobile Device Management (MDM) which is great news for companies that use mobile devices in…

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How Enterprise Mobility Is Evolving in The Second Half of This Year

Enterprise mobility management is always evolving and changing, but there are a few items that stand out over the coming months that may gain more attention than others. Building A Stronghold Security has always been important for enterprise mobility, but as more and more users join the mobility revolution, security has to be a focus.…

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