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Is Enterprise Mobility an Over-hyped Fad or the Future?

Mobility in an enterprise setting has always come with its share of woes, especially when it comes to security. 50 percent of smartphone users do not use even basic security features like 4-digit PIN codes. More than two-thirds of the smartphone users do not bother to backup their data to an external source. Combine this…

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What to Look for in an Enterprise App Development Company

80% of the enterprise apps are abandoned after the very first use. That’s a disturbing trend for organizations with big enterprise mobility plans. The top reason cited by the app users for abandoning the apps – poor user experience. Modern consumers, including enterprise users, have developed high expectations for what constitutes quality user experience. Whatsapp,…

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IT Executives’ Top Priorities for Enterprise Mobility Strategies

Enterprise users continue to leverage mobile technologies to drive innovation and realize efficiencies within their organizations. However, enterprise mobility adoption is exposing sensitive corporate data to more and new types of security risks. As a result, IT is under increasingly higher pressure to deploy robust enterprise mobility management tools and an overarching enterprise mobility strategy…

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Here’s How Your Business Can Benefit from a Mobile ERP Solution

Mobility and digital transformation have changed the way we work, consume entertainment, and interact with each other. We rely on these technologies for everything from shopping to banking to navigating our cities. The fact is that mobility has embedded itself into our lives, and it’s not going anywhere. So, it is only natural that customers,…

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The Next Big Things in Mobile Aren’t What You Think

The smartphone revolution owes its success to the thriving third-party app development market. Apps created by the platform owners as well as third-party developers have brought exceptional convenience to the smartphone users. There are apps for email, productivity tracking, health tracking, ordering food, banking, and more. On the other end of the utility-absurdity spectrum, there’s…

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