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Top 6 Sought-after Features in Enterprise Apps

User experience continues to determine the adoption and usage of mobile apps, irrespective of whether they are being used for personal use or work. Therefore, it is critical for enterprises to focus on creating applications that offer smooth, intuitive, and fluid user experience to end users. Besides this, various other considerations determine the desirability of…

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Android 9 and Enterprise Mobility: Piece o’ Pie

The year 2018 witnessed Google take some significant steps to gain a stronger foothold in the enterprise mobility market, a segment that has been dominated by Apple’s iPhones for the better part of the decade. For one, Android smartphone manufacturers are now required by Google to provide security updates frequently and over an extended period…

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AI: Workforce Enabler or Workforce Killer?

Artificial Intelligence has made phenomenal strides in recent years. Nearly every industry is experiencing a wave of automation and machine learning led transformations. While some hail AI as the next leap in human civilization, others are more skeptical. For businesses, AI and automation bring untold efficiencies and consistencies across the broad spectrum of their operations.…

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