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Mobility Spend and The Impact on IT Budgets

IT budgets are always a controversial topic with many businesses being reliant on their IT systems but unwilling (or unable) to invest heavily in new or updated technology. The sense of optimism that is present in businesses currently suggests that IT budgets will remain the same or even increase over the course of the next…

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3 Ways to Improve Your Employees Wireless Experience

Working wirelessly has rapidly become the norm over the last few years. Where once there were cables everywhere wifi and wireless technology is now ubiquitous. There are some downsides to the technology though. It can be perceived as slow, with unstable connections and security issues. Repeat after me At its simplest form, a wireless network…

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The Cloud and Enterprise Mobility

If you’ve heard anything about computing in the last few years, you’ve probably heard about The Cloud. It’s the solutions to many problems, it makes things easier, and anyone can access it. But you’ve probably never seen a digital cloud – what are they and where can you find them? What is The Cloud? The…

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5G and Its Impact on Corporate Mobility

You’ve probably heard that 5G is coming, and in some areas, it’s already here. It’s faster, bigger, and better…but what exactly is it and what can it do for corporate mobility? What is 5G? Following naming conventions for mobile cellular data networks – the systems that allow cellphones to send and receive calls and data…

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Is Enterprise Mobility an Over-hyped Fad or the Future?

Mobility in an enterprise setting has always come with its share of woes, especially when it comes to security. 50 percent of smartphone users do not use even basic security features like 4-digit PIN codes. More than two-thirds of the smartphone users do not bother to backup their data to an external source. Combine this…

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