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Expense Reduction

Reduce Wireless Expenses with 
Proactive Account Management

80% of companies will
on their wireless bills each year,
despite carrier discounts.

What’s going on?

Companies are struggling with the challenge of
keeping the balance between mobile innovations, usage patterns,
and the inherent cost of wireless operations.

Through proactive account management, we 
review and adjust your monthly bill before the billing cycle closes
to keep you ahead of the curve.

Drive Costs Down

Save an average 25% off your wireless bill without switching contracts, carriers, or equipment.

Eliminate Guesswork

Proactive account management guarantees that your plan will match your usage, maximizing your savings. This outperforms reactive account management, which leaves you guessing and hoping for the best.

Save Time & Hassle

No more digging through bills or carrier portals. We take on the full responsibility of reviewing your invoices, working with your carrier, and most importantly, realizing savings. 

If Intratem only saved your company
$10 per line
, a company of 500 users would
save $60,000 per year.

Want to save your company money?