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Is Enterprise Mobility an Over-hyped Fad or the Future?

Mobility in an enterprise setting has always come with its share of woes, especially when it comes to security. 50 percent of smartphone users do not use even basic security features like 4-digit PIN codes. More than two-thirds of the smartphone users do not bother to backup their data to an external source. Combine this…

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Android 9 and Enterprise Mobility: Piece o’ Pie

The year 2018 witnessed Google take some significant steps to gain a stronger foothold in the enterprise mobility market, a segment that has been dominated by Apple’s iPhones for the better part of the decade. For one, Android smartphone manufacturers are now required by Google to provide security updates frequently and over an extended period…

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Who Wins the IoT Game: The Early Bird or The Late Adopter?

Most of us are familiar with this adage – the early bird gets the worm. But, what most people don’t know is that this proverb is a redacted version. The complete version sates – the early bird gets the worm, the second mouse gets the cheese. There is wisdom in both parts of this philosophy.…

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Why the “Wait and See” Method of Mobility Management Fails

Mobility is an ever-changing concept for most corporations. It is hard to know what your company needs when the landscape is continually shifting. With this in mind, many businesses adopt the “Wait and See” approach, determining what mobility needs should be addressed only when relevant issues arise. This approach, however, will fail almost every time.…

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