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Digital Transformation and Mobility

The starting place for many businesses and processes is a notepad. Plain and simple, whatever needs to be achieved is written down and a business or system is built from this. These systems are often fully analog, and as such may involve a lot of work for everyone involved. There is a better way, and…

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5G and How to Manage your Company’s Increased Data Usage

With 5G rolling out around the world, the opportunities for corporate mobility are increasing daily with the option to connect multiple devices to the internet at higher and higher speeds. But of course, with such flexibility and freedom comes a problem – ease of access means that users are more likely to connect more often.…

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Impact of Huawei Ban on Enterprise Mobility in the US

Even if you’re not sure how to pronounce it (“Wah-way”), you’ve most likely heard of Huawei. (1) As well as being a leading manufacturer of smartphones, Huawei have recently hit the headlines after President Trump signed an executive order in May preventing US organizations purchasing telecommunications products from foreign manufacturers. Huawei, a Chinese company, is…

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Tech Is Making Roads Safer One Way Or The Other

While we get ever closer to driverless cars, many technological advancements are making driving safer for drivers themselves, and for other road users. Common technological features that are available in older vehicles include cameras and sensors that provide alerts about the surrounding area. Are you about to reverse into a wall? The sensor will let…

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Advantages of An Outsourced Mobility Management Company

Mobility management can be a resource intensive task even with dedicated MDM (Mobile Device Management) software. The primary concern for any business should be that its IT systems are as secure as possible, but in instances where employees use their own devices or where mobile devices are taken away from a central office, the potential…

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