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Mobility Lifecycle Management experts taking on the headache of mobile support and wireless costs.

Since 2004, Intratem has recognized the tremendous impact of mobility on company success. Now, with more than 20 years in business and with mobile technology being more important than ever, we pride ourselves on tailoring our solutions to our clients’ needs. Built on a strong foundation of Dignity, Integrity, and Expertise as our governing principles.

Intratem Mobility Lifecycle Management enables IT teams to offload mobility management, end-user, device, and carrier support, as well as reporting, procurement, staging, kitting and inventory management. Coupled with industry-leading expense reduction practices, we're able to become your mobile MSP while lowering overall spend.

Meet our Executive Team


Dimitry Malinsky


Alex Dukhovny, EVP

Alex Dukhovny

Executive Vice President


Tatiana Malinsky

Client Engagement Director


Javier Cruz

Service Desk Manager

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