Public Sector and
Higher Education

Intratem allows public sector and higher education organizations to focus on executing their missions and take advantage of the latest cellular technology instead of being buried under a pile of bills, reports, and help desk tickets. 

Managing the entire lifecycle of telecom mobility services, from procurement to disposal, presents numerous challenges:

  1. Cost Control: Controlling telecom expenses while ensuring quality services can be a daunting task. The lack of visibility into usage patterns and spending can lead to budget overruns.
  2. Compliance: Government regulations, privacy concerns, and internal policies impose strict compliance requirements. Failure to adhere can lead to legal and financial repercussions.
  3. Resource Drain: Manual management of telecom assets, such as devices and plans, consumes valuable time and resources. This detracts from core activities and strategic initiatives.
  4. Security Risks: Mobile devices and communication channels are potential security vulnerabilities. Without proper management, sensitive data is at risk of exposure.

Intratem is your partner in conquering the complexities of telecom mobility lifecycle management. Let us empower your government, public, or education organization with streamlined processes, cost savings, compliance adherence, and enhanced security.


Read the press release here: Intratem and Carahsoft Partner to Provide Mobility Lifecycle Management Solutions to the Public Sector

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