Intratem for Human Resources

The HR dilemma.

Long time ago it only made sense to have the HR responsible for handling mobile devices, but with the more sophisticated technology this responsibility quickly became overwhelming. Provisioning, tech support, cost control, and reports all take time – time which needs to be spent on employee administration.

Intratem Solution

By handing the reigns over to Intratem you still stay in control of the device policies, but Intratem takes over the burden of inventory management, end-user tech support, reporting, and equally important cost controls. Delivering an all-inclusive Enterprise Mobility Management solution at no net cost by realizing significant savings off your current spending.

Expense Management

25% average savings without switching carriers, contracts, or equipment.
If you don't save, we don't earn.

Mobility Helpdesk

Give every end-user in your company a dedicated team of experts to tackle any mobility related issue.

Reporting & Analytics

Turn Raw Data into Easy to Read Comprehensive Reports. Inventory, usage, cost, forecasting  and more. 


Secure Enterprise Mobility Management through user specific permissions and control.