Expense Reduction

Cut Wireless Costs 
Proactive Optimization

Drive Costs Down

Save up to 40% without switching contracts, carriers, or equipment, starting with your very next bill.

Eliminate Guesswork

We will proactively optimize your account so you don't have to guess which plan is best for you.

Save Time & Hassle

We continuously review your invoices, work with your carrier, and achieve savings, so you’re not rifling through a mountain of bills.

It takes a team of dedicated Intratem professionals to achieve true savings each month. Not just a stand-alone software solution. 

Through holistic approach, we look at optimization, cost allocation, promotions, invoice processing, plan selection, security, reporting and much more. No aspect affecting your bill is left unturned. 

If Intratem only saved your company
$10 per line
, a company with 500 lines
would save $60,000 per year.

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