5G and Its Impact on Corporate Mobility

You’ve probably heard that 5G is coming, and in some areas, it’s already here. It’s faster, bigger, and better…but what exactly is it and what can it do for corporate mobility?

What is 5G?

Following naming conventions for mobile cellular data networks – the systems that allow cellphones to send and receive calls and data – 5G is the next generation of technology. Early cellphone technology used GSM, LTE and other systems to move data around, and were labelled as 2G, 3G, and 4G.

A 5G network is a digital cellular network using high frequency waves to transmit and receive data. The speed of the network is generally equivalent to or faster than 4G networks.

What are the benefits of 5G?

While faster speeds are certainly possible when compared to 4G, two other advantages are present in the technology. Digital cellular networks work by breaking up the coverage area into “cells” and each cell and data is transmitted with reference to the cell. When you are moving around, you will seamlessly be transferred between cells.

This presents a limitation on how many devices can be supported in an area. 4G networks can support 100,000 devices per square kilometer, while 5G supports up to a million devices in the same area. You might think you only have two or three wireless devices – but so does everybody else. As the number of smart devices increases and the Internet of Things (IoT) increases in size, more and more devices will be fighting for bandwidth.

Multiple antennas can transmit data within a single cell, which can allow for multiple connections to or from a single device if necessary.

A second advantage is that both higher and lower frequencies can be transmitted over 5G (compared to 4G) which can increase the speed of data transfer.

How will 5G affect corporate mobility?

Corporate mobility will become more widespread as 5G rolls out due to several of the reasons mentioned above. There is the potential for higher data transfer speeds, more stable connections (multiple connections on a single device), and the ability to support more devices than before.

On current networks, consumers can block the system – think of when everyone tries to call at once to say, “Happy New Year”. If your ability to work is affected by too many devices be connected at once, 5G will only have a positive effect that allows you to get everything done as and when you need to.

Keeping track of the large quantity of 5G devices that are in use by your employees – and supporting them – can be an arduous task without a dedicated management team. Mobility Lifecycle Management (MLM) companies like Intratem, can help to alleviate the burden. More often than not at no additional cost to the company.