Mobility Spend and The Impact on IT Budgets

IT budgets are always a controversial topic with many businesses being reliant on their IT systems but unwilling (or unable) to invest heavily in new or updated technology. The sense of optimism that is present in businesses currently suggests that IT budgets will remain the same or even increase over the course of the next…

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IT Executives’ Top Priorities for Enterprise Mobility Strategies

Enterprise users continue to leverage mobile technologies to drive innovation and realize efficiencies within their organizations. However, enterprise mobility adoption is exposing sensitive corporate data to more and new types of security risks. As a result, IT is under increasingly higher pressure to deploy robust enterprise mobility management tools and an overarching enterprise mobility strategy…

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5 Signs That Your IT Department is Overworked and How to Deal With It

It’s yesterday’s news that businesses across industries are embracing digital technologies and are relying on them to achieve a competitive advantage. While this is welcome news for the global economy as it leaps into the future, it also means that the responsibilities of the IT department are expanding. Therefore, it is no surprise that IT…

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Mobile Security & Corporate Governance

Mobile Security and Governance

As we have discussed before, managing a company’s mobility lifecycle requires a certain investment. It usually pays off. While there are many benefits you can exploit from your EMM investment, the most compelling benefit is data security. Distributing a coherent and consistent set of practices across devices, carriers, platforms, and data sources can make the…

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COPE Co-dependency: a Bad Thing?

COPE co-dependency

The more employees rely on a robust mobile infrastructure, the less they can tolerate going without their smartphone if it’s damaged or lost. Who can blame them? If a mobile device can allow them to maximize their work output when they are on the road or working from home, why would any employee want to…

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