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Unlimited Does Not Mean Free

Unlimited plans always sound like a great idea – how could there possibly be a downside to something unlimited? If you’re using data, and with the recent shift to more people working from home you probably are, then an unlimited plan appears to be the perfect solution. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. The Downside…

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Internet Redundancy or Bust

For corporate employees who work at home, an internet connection is one of the most vital parts of their life. It links them and their devices to the office, the central database, the accounting system …pretty much everything they do requires external connectivity. There are many home internet plans, some fast and some slower, but…

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BYOD and Remote Work from Home

Although business began to relax their policies, for a long time, there has been resistance to employees working from home. It would be easy to say that many businesses feel their employees would perform better in an office environment, but a major factor is undoubtedly the investment in equipment that would be required. Remote work…

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