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3 Ways to Improve Your Employees Wireless Experience

Working wirelessly has rapidly become the norm over the last few years. Where once there were cables everywhere wifi and wireless technology is now ubiquitous. There are some downsides to the technology though. It can be perceived as slow, with unstable connections and security issues. Repeat after me At its simplest form, a wireless network…

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Is It Time to Manage Your 5G Expectations?

As 5G launch nears, it is stirring up expectations and interest at an unprecedented rate. Its predecessor, 4G, did not create this much excitement in the industry. Perhaps, because of the explosive growth of internet-connected devices over the past few years or the sheer numbers (speed, latency, and size of investments) being thrown around 5G,…

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What Will You Really Get for $1,500 from Apple?

As per a 2017 report by Egnyte, 82% of all mobile activities from enterprise users come from iOS devices. Apple’s dominance in the enterprise market is overwhelming. What makes Apple’s success in the enterprise market so puzzling is that in decades past, Microsoft and IBM had crushed it in the PC market. Its emergence in…

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4 Essentials of a Secure Wireless Workforce

The rising incidences of corporate hacking worldwide have led to a growing realization among business leaders of how vulnerable their digital infrastructure is. Cyber threats can originate from a variety of sources, including lone wolf hackers and foreign government-sponsored groups. Protecting corporate secrets and intellectual property requires a robust security system, which includes not only…

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5G: When is it Coming to the US?

  How about today?! That’s right. 5G is already here. Well, at least in part, that is. 5G deployment has already started, and the first customers are already getting a taste of the blistering speeds promised by 5G. Verizon: The Pioneer? The first service provider to launch 5G service is Verizon. The telecom giant launched…

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