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IT Executives’ Top Priorities for Enterprise Mobility Strategies

Enterprise users continue to leverage mobile technologies to drive innovation and realize efficiencies within their organizations. However, enterprise mobility adoption is exposing sensitive corporate data to more and new types of security risks. As a result, IT is under increasingly higher pressure to deploy robust enterprise mobility management tools and an overarching enterprise mobility strategy…

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5 Ways Mobility is Transforming the Trucking and Logistics Industry

In 2017, the revenue from core transportation reached $1,172.5 billion in the US. Globally, this figure was a whopping $4.8 trillion. The trucking and logistics industry is undergoing a revolution on a worldwide scale. The soaring fuel prices, shortage of skilled drivers, safety concerns, and many more factors are putting immense pressure on the industry…

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How a Poor Wireless Strategy Can Upend Your Mobility Initiative

Enterprise mobility, backed by cloud, IoT, smartphones, and dropping wireless prices, is making business agile, faster, and more productive than before. In some cases, like , enterprise mobility has emerged as the key driver of disruptive innovation. Despite the increasing adoption of mobility among the enterprises, a majority of them are yet to unlock the…

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