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BYOD and Remote Work from Home

Although business began to relax their policies, for a long time, there has been resistance to employees working from home. It would be easy to say that many businesses feel their employees would perform better in an office environment, but a major factor is undoubtedly the investment in equipment that would be required. Remote work…

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iOS 13 Is Set to Enhance MDM. Here’s How.

With upgrades for everything imaginable being announced at the Apple WWDC 2019 event, iOS 13 didn’t come as a great surprise. (1) Many of the features that are built into the new version of Apple’s OS are perfect for enhancing Mobile Device Management (MDM) which is great news for companies that use mobile devices in…

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What are the Main Elements of a Mobile Device Management (MDM) Solution?

Mobile device management is a critical component of enterprise mobility management. Businesses must find ways to manage their employees’ devices and optimize them for business use. The complexity of the mobile ecosystem and the dire need to manage the threat arising from it, forced businesses to resort to mobile device management solutions. The high demand…

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How Do I Pick the Best Mobile Device Management (MDM) Solution?

Mobile workforce is a reality that enterprises can neither avoid nor ignore. Whether they like it or not, their employees are bringing their mobile devices to the workplace. Or having devices issues to them by the company. These devices bring with them a varying degree of complexity in device management and many security threats. However,…

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Who Wins the IoT Game: The Early Bird or The Late Adopter?

Most of us are familiar with this adage – the early bird gets the worm. But, what most people don’t know is that this proverb is a redacted version. The complete version sates – the early bird gets the worm, the second mouse gets the cheese. There is wisdom in both parts of this philosophy.…

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