The Cloud and Enterprise Mobility

If you’ve heard anything about computing in the last few years, you’ve probably heard about The Cloud. It’s the solutions to many problems, it makes things easier, and anyone can access it. But you’ve probably never seen a digital cloud – what are they and where can you find them?

What is The Cloud?

The Cloud is in fact not a single entity. It’s a blanket term that relates to cloud storage and/or cloud computing, otherwise known as offsite data storage, that is accessible via the internet. There is no individual cloud computer, but each “cloud provider” will have multiple machines to store data for many users, often with redundancy built in. This means that if one machine fails, there’s another copy somewhere else that you will be able to seamlessly access while the first machine is repaired.

Contrast this to having an individual computer in your office with all the business records on it. When it fails, it takes your entire business with it.

The Cloud and Enterprise Mobility

One fantastic benefit of using the cloud is being able to access your data through the internet. To modern ears, this is nothing special – of course you can do that! But here’s the key – it isn’t tied to a single device.

Suppose you go to the office and work on a spreadsheet. You finish your work and head off to visit a client. They ask you a question, you pull up the spreadsheet on your cellphone, and easily answer them. You can even print sections of the sheet on their wireless printer.

Without the cloud, you’d either have to make certain the spreadsheet was on a laptop or a USB drive. At the client’s location, you need to set up printer drivers if you’re using a laptop, or hope they have the same software when you transfer the file from your USB. You did make sure to run a virus check first, right?

In the ultimate display of mobility, you could even log in to your cloud account from their computer if you needed to and show them the information direct on their screen!

The Cloud enhances Enterprise Mobility

Not only can you access your data and work from anywhere, you can switch to any device and carry on there too. There are certainly security considerations to be aware of in this instance, but with carefully planned MDM (Mobile Device Management) security can be tackled. It’s a good idea to keep your eye on data usage, since more mobility, means more data and higher wireless bills.

The benefits are great when The Cloud is used effectively, but not every business is ready. If you have any questions on how to effectively manage, secure, and maintain low costs of your employee’s mobile devices, a mobility management company can help navigate the minefield.