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5 Ways You Can Improve the ROI on Your Enterprise Mobility Strategy

It goes without saying that there will need to be an investment in your enterprise mobility strategy but making sure that the return on that investment is as high as possible is paramount. Simply finding devices to get everyone connected is one thing but keeping everything under control (including spending) can be the hardest part of the adventure.

Here’s how to maximize your ROI in five simple ways.

1 – Let Users Use The Technology

The main purpose of a mobility strategy is to empower users to work wherever and whenever they choose. While you may have strict time guidelines – it’s nine to five every weekday, or something similar – that doesn’t mean the mobile users have to be in the office. (1)

Allow the technology to be used as it should be. The workers will be more productive, and the travel costs will be lower – and the chances are, your employees will be more well-rested if they don’t have to get up early to beat the rush hour traffic.

2 – Identify Similar Use Cases In Your Industry

Adopting a mobility strategy is a great plan for many businesses, but it is worth looking at what other businesses in your industry do. (2) If Android smartphones give one of your competitors and edge, it probably isn’t worth investing heavily in iPads.

Learn from what others do, and use the mobility strategy model that is most suited to the industry you work in.

3 – Plan, Don’t React

A reactive business will buy a new device for every new employee. A business that plans ahead will know if devices are available or may even adopt a BYOD strategy for new employees. This may migrate to a business-owned device after a probationary period, but lowers the initial outlay giving the strategy the best chance at succeeding overall.

4 – Outsource Technical Support

Your IT department probably has enough to deal with as it is and adding on the burden of supporting users – especially in a BYOD environment – with configuring and using mobile devices may just tip them over the edge. There may be an entirely new skillset to learn, and hours of research into individual device models. (3)

Outsourcing this to a company that specializes in this kind of support will free your IT team to work on what they are meant to, and give your users a better experience and definitive solutions.

5 – Use An MLM Company

No, we’re not talking about Amway here. But a Mobile Lifecycle Management (MLM) company can cut costs in many places in your mobile strategy. By managing your contracted plans, you’ll pay way less for the same usage and have the option of upgrading hardware as you go along. Everything will be managed for you, giving you peace of mind (especially where security is concerned), and some MLM companies even take on tech support for you.

You just need to run your business, and the technology will be in safe hands.


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