5G and How to Manage your Company’s Increased Data Usage

With 5G rolling out around the world, the opportunities for corporate mobility are increasing daily with the option to connect multiple devices to the internet at higher and higher speeds. But of course, with such flexibility and freedom comes a problem – ease of access means that users are more likely to connect more often.

The amount of data that is transferred may easily go unnoticed by users on faster connections. When multiple megabytes download in seconds, there is no reason for the user to be concerned. However, for the business running the contract, excessive data charges may be something to look out for.

Managing Increased Data Usage

5G is designed for the IoT, allowing the interconnectedness of multiple devices – even your fridge can send you messages. But it isn’t devices like that which will cause the greatest concern. Even with many of these devices connected via 5G, the data usage will be minimal – the largest problem will be managing the humans that use the devices.

You can set up as many rules and regulations as you like, and every employee at your business may try hard to follow them, but mistakes can and will happen. The key to keeping data usage reigned in is an effective MDM (Mobile Device Management) system.

Mobile Device Management for You and Your Users

For many new businesses, MDM may come as second nature (although that’s not always the case), but for older and more established businesses there may be a sudden requirement on the IT department to manage all the mobile devices in use in the business.

While on the surface this appears to be a logical idea, the IT team probably have enough to manage already, without having to learn how to operate and manage multiple different devices with a range of operating systems.

Additionally, many mobile devices are no longer fit for purpose, as software and security updates don’t last forever. If a mobile device is used on your network without the proper protection, you could be setting yourself up for a tremendous risk.

So how can you keep the hardware and software up to date while using MDM software to protect your users, your business, and your bottom line?

Mobile Lifecycle Management

Choosing to use an MLM company will free up your IT department to deal with the tasks they specialize in, while giving your users the best possible mobile experience. Whether you need new device contracts, a policy for protecting internal data in a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) model, or general support for getting devices working properly, MLM is the way to go.

MLM companies have experience in configuring Mobile Device Management software for the optimum experience and can help to manage data usage whatever kind of connection is used. You’ll save money in the long term and find that your employees can be more effective with devices and systems that just simply work – and you don’t have to worry about excessive data usage or the security of sensitive documents.