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How to Manage the Most Vulnerable Aspect of Enterprise Security: People

IT must consider the cybersecurity risk posed by the human element in their enterprise security framework. The number of data breach incidents occurring on account of human error is on the rise. The sources of human error include bad habits, low awareness of security threats, and the increasing sophistication of the social engineering attacks. Bulk…

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Is It Time to Manage Your 5G Expectations?

As 5G launch nears, it is stirring up expectations and interest at an unprecedented rate. Its predecessor, 4G, did not create this much excitement in the industry. Perhaps, because of the explosive growth of internet-connected devices over the past few years or the sheer numbers (speed, latency, and size of investments) being thrown around 5G,…

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5 Signs That Your IT Department is Overworked and How to Deal With It

It’s yesterday’s news that businesses across industries are embracing digital technologies and are relying on them to achieve a competitive advantage. While this is welcome news for the global economy as it leaps into the future, it also means that the responsibilities of the IT department are expanding. Therefore, it is no surprise that IT…

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