Soon, The Most Understanding Presence in Your Life Will be AI

Here’s some good news for today – robots are not coming.

The bad news? They are already here!

However, it’s too soon to predict whether a robot invasion is going to happen in the future. If it does, then our chances of survival are, well, not so good. The reason is simple – artificial intelligence will know everything there is to know about us. Isn’t it ironic? If you’ve wanted someone to understand and know you deeply, then your lifelong wish will soon be granted. But, it is not someone, it is a something, and that something might well mean the end of humanity.

Now that we are done with the Hollywood-style apocalyptic predictions, let’s get to the matter at hand – AI and its invasion…of your personal life.

Whether you know it or not, like it or not, and want it or not, artificial intelligence is being used to study, analyze, and understand every aspect of you. In most cases, it’s to sell you more stuff, while in some cases it is to help you better yourself. Let’s look at how AI is gaining a deeper understanding of your entire life.

AI-Powered Virtual Assistants

Alexa, Google Now, Siri, Cortana, and a growing number of other AI-based virtual assistants already know a great deal about your daily schedule, routine, activities, entertainment preferences, voice, and more. They are in your home, in your phones, and in your computers. Between these three presences, is there any aspect of your life that they don’t know about?

Imagine what a hacker could do with all your data that AI collected about you? If they manage to get in.


In 2016, IBM’s Watson was able to diagnose a Japanese leukemia patient whose condition had previously baffled the doctors. More recently, in 2018, Baidu machine learning algorithms were able to offer a superior diagnosis to human pathologists. An attempt is being made to introduce AI into a new generation of futuristic wearables or devices embedded into human bodies that can offer early detection, superior diagnosis, and speedy response (think messages to ambulance dispatcher, doctors, and family members) to patients’ conditions.

Fraud Detection

Ever received a call from your credit card company when you made a transaction that deviated from your usual choices? Well, they used algorithms to identify such deviations.

Now, they are increasingly employing AI to make fraud detection better. So, this AI knows everything there is to know about your shopping and expense behavior.

AI and Social Media

If you are a privacy fanatic, then these terms are unnerving enough on their own. Together, they may sound quite alarming.

Social media platforms have made it possible for us to broadcast the many details of our routines. The more you use them, the more they know about you. All this data is used to make it easier for businesses to sell to us. This is old news. But, here’s something fresh. Your employer can sift through your entire social media presence to analyze the risk to them when hiring you. This risk can be financial, brand image risk, and so on.

Imagine a world where your employment is based on a lot more than just you skills, accomplishments, and.