Data Plans: Do you have this in my size?

There are some things you can never seem to find in the right size. It may be clothes, it may be Tupperware, but more often than not it is data plans. With remote work becoming more common, finding the right data plan is more important than it has ever been.

So what’s the best way to go?

Data Usage Varies

Any type of remote work will often incorporate many aspects of office working, including logging into business systems and communicating with coworkers and people in other businesses. The data used by connecting to systems including databases and other information will most likely remain fairly stable, but the communication data usage may vary considerably. Especially that Zoom meeting you’re running late to.

Emails, chat messages, audio connections, and video calls will all use different amounts of data, and the number of calls/connections you make in a day, week, or month will definitely vary.

With a little forethought, you can establish an average amount of data use, but what good is the average? You buy too much data, you’re throwing away money, too little and you’re hit with an overage. Adjusting plans before bills close, is the only way.

Covering The Highs and Lows

There are several options available when choosing a data plan, and many people faced with this situation will look at unlimited plans. It’s a great idea in principle but doesn’t always give you what you might expect.

By the sound of it, an unlimited plan will provide as much data as you need. It will be a fixed price each month, and there’s nothing to worry about – except the small print. Companies such as Verizon will offer, for example, Unlimited Mobile Hotspot data use but note that when you reach your plan’s monthly allotment, your line speed will be reduced. You can get the speed back by buying a Data Boost! (1)

This shows that not all unlimited plans are truly unlimited, and they will often cost considerably more than limited plans for 5GB or 10GB. There are cases where unlimited plans are ideal for certain users, which is why it is important to have plans that match each individual. However, there are ways to maximize the benefits of any plan you are currently using.

Finding Balance In Your Plan

The average user won’t have the time to look at every detail of their plan month after month, and your provider knows this. They sell you plans on the expectation that you’ll be paying for services that you don’t fully utilize, and unlimited is seen as a good choice – until your users don’t need a lot of wireless data due to Wi-Fi connectivity or other factors.

Choosing to use a company that specializes in Wireless Expense Management will free you up to use your devices as you wish, while they take care of the details of your plan. No changes to contracts, user experience, carriers, or devices.

This doesn’t mean signing up for a new contract or even changing your plan. It means the WEM company will monitor your usage and proactively make adjustments before your bill closes. Use more data, the plans get higher, use less, the plans are lower and you’ll pay the right price for the data you use, and without ever overpaying.

Reactively assessing your usage and changing your plan after the event is standard practice for businesses, but working to reduce costs proactively on an ongoing basis will give you everything you need from your plan at the right price.