Here’s How Your Business Can Benefit from a Mobile ERP Solution

Mobility and digital transformation have changed the way we work, consume entertainment, and interact with each other. We rely on these technologies for everything from shopping to banking to navigating our cities. The fact is that mobility has embedded itself into our lives, and it’s not going anywhere. So, it is only natural that customers, as well as employees of organizations, want to use their mobile devices to interact with the enterprises. However, it’s not all about preferences only. There are tangible benefits to using mobility within organizations, and many of these benefits can be realized with a robust mobile ERP solution.

Real-time Insights Anywhere

A mobile ERP solution grants instant access to valuable corporate information.

In a board meeting and need the latest sales figures? Access granted.

Managing a remote team and need a status update? Get it immediately.

Meeting a potential client? Get full access to all their interactions with your organization, learn their requirements, and know their position in the sales funnel to convert better.

All of these and many more possibilities are a reality, thanks to mobile ERP solutions. The workforce can whip out their smartphones and get all the information that will help them do their job better right that instant. This is empowering.

Improve Efficiency and Speed of Issue Resolution

Every enterprise faces its own challenges. But, the speed with which they overcome those makes a huge difference for the enterprise as well as its customers. When an unexpected issue disrupts service delivery, access to crucial resources can mean the difference between a minor hiccup and a major downtime that results in loss of revenue. A good mobile ERP solution can help the workforce identify the issue (maybe even before it manifests), apply a solution, and prevent a disaster from forming in real-time.

In fact, if the customers are looped in, kept informed about the evolution of the issue, and updated on the resolution, it can lead to better satisfaction and loyalty from them.

Smart Collaboration Over Cloud

Cloud allows teams from various departments to collaborate with each other effortlessly using advanced tools. Document sharing, billing, customer records, and even workflows are set up on the cloud to make it easy for the teams to work seamlessly, efficiently, and conveniently.

Enterprises have woken up to the immense potential offered by the cloud-driven ERP solutions. As many as 16% of the enterprises feel that insufficient information about cloud offerings can prevent them from purchasing a cloud ERP solution.

Just Be More Effective

The lack of a good ERP tool leads to redundant data, diverging business processes and systems, and inability to track business process in real-time. All these together lead to wastage of precious resources, which are allocated inefficiently. With a real-time view of the processes, resources get assigned to lower priority tasks or on processes that conflict with each other’s objectives. Not to mention the fact that employees might be spending a great deal of time unearthing the same information form the market that is already available with their colleagues.

These inefficiencies can be easily avoided with a handy ERP solution that can be accessed via mobile devices. A good ERP that is not convenient to use is not good enough. Just be sure to account for the data usage and mobility management needed to run this type of a system.