How Are You Right-Sizing Your Mobile Services?

As far as mobile service plans go, there has never been a simple “one size fits all” option. Unlimited plans with every service you could imagine will give you everything you need (and more) but they are never cheap. Many users with unlimited plans do not use them to their full potential and often overpay in comparison to the cost of their ideal plan.

Overestimating usage is just as bad as underestimating usage. Lower requirements will mean that your plan will cost less, and it can be a matter of balancing the amount you would pay for a little extra data on a standard plan against the higher price of an unlimited plan. Are you ensuring that your mobile service plans are the right size, or are you still choosing the one-size-fits-all option?

Making Plan Changes Makes a Difference

You can implement plan changes before the bill closing every month to ensure your plan matches your requirements. With multiple users within a business, this can include moving data allowances so that there is no real need for an unlimited data plan.

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You can remove services you do not need or use, add in those that are a requirement, and make changes that match your usage patterns and therefore give you the greatest value for money possible.

The key to doing this effectively is to make sure to do it every single month. Set a calendar reminder so you don’t forget because you could easily get caught paying for unused services or overages if you don’t make the changes on time. Within your business, dedicate a team to review and update your plan before the end of the billing cycle every single month to maximize the savings you can make.

Analyzing Your Plan

There are several ways you can analyze your plan to discover what the most useful changes will be. Manually checking data usage can quickly become a chore and 3rd party mobility software will make it simpler to view the information. The problem with this is that it provides another platform for your team to manage and to forget about. Like the other fifteen amazing tools you’re currently paying for, but barely utilizing.

Whichever way you go about analyzing your plan, there is still another obstacle in your path to making savings. Once you have completed your analysis, you’ll need to update and negotiate the plan with reps yourself, which will take time and expertise.

Effective Savings for Mobility Services

Navigating the complexity of a mobility plan may not be for you, or even for a dedicated team within your organization. Many businesses simply don’t have the time or resources available to assign to this task and may also lack the required expertise to make the right changes at the right time.

Most will choose to use an MLM company, which is a business that specializes in Mobile Lifecycle Management. This is not just starting and ending contracts and plans, this is a complete lifecycle management service – including optimizing your plans to give you all the benefits with the minimum of expense.

Isn’t it time you started having the right size plan for the right user?