How Enterprise Mobility Is Evolving in The Second Half of This Year

Enterprise mobility management is always evolving and changing, but there are a few items that stand out over the coming months that may gain more attention than others.

Building A Stronghold

Security has always been important for enterprise mobility, but as more and more users join the mobility revolution, security has to be a focus. With the prevalence of BYOD strategies, keeping data safe – both for the enterprise and the individual – will be a priority. (1)

Remote configuration and management will become stronger but also easier, and innovations in software like iOS 13 will help to keep data and networks safe. (2)

Artificial Intelligence Will Enhance Device Management

AI is having an impact on many areas of our lives already, but with software that can learn from used behavior and predict what will happen next, mobility device management will become simpler. Human’s won’t have to make decisions based on reviewing evidence, the software will be able to do it automatically to prevent problems with the network including intrusions or data theft.

And as time goes on, the predictive abilities will become more and more accurate.

IoT Will Become More Relevant

The Internet of Things will play an integral part in enterprise mobility as we go forward. Developing a smart workplace with connected devices will enable faster and more efficient working, but many devices will have to be managed through enterprise mobility systems. (3)

While IoT and enterprise mobility won’t reach a singularity moment in the next 6 months, the slow convergence will begin to gather place as businesses realize the benefits of a working environment that works with their employees.

Mobile Analytics Will Gain Further Importance

In the same way that AI can help predict future problems, mobile analytics provides the raw data that will help business produce strategies that can provide benefits to their mobile users over the coming years. Knowing how a device is used will help with choosing the specification for new and replacement devices, as well as driving policies for device usage and management.

It will also highlight how effective enterprise mobility is for any given business, which may in itself lead to a change in the way that enterprise mobility is managed.

Preparing For Next Year

Making sure your company is ready for the next steps in enterprise mobility can be easy if you employ the services of a professional Mobility Lifecycle Management (MLM) company. Most companies like this will be able to improve the user experience with comprehensive support, and they will help you save money by avoiding unnecessary expense.


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