iOS 13 Is Set to Enhance MDM. Here’s How.

With upgrades for everything imaginable being announced at the Apple WWDC 2019 event, iOS 13 didn’t come as a great surprise. (1) Many of the features that are built into the new version of Apple’s OS are perfect for enhancing Mobile Device Management (MDM) which is great news for companies that use mobile devices in the day to day environment.

Increased Security

The first thought of any corporate body regarding BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is security – usually contemplating what effect a device may have on the pre-existing systems. Of course, security goes both ways.

While you want the business infrastructure to remain safe, the user of the device doesn’t want to give you access to the list of installed apps they have (they might be a Candy Crush addict or have dating apps that they don’t want to be public knowledge, for example) and rightfully so.

By using “User Enrollment” any MDM server will not be able to erase the device, clear the passcode (unlock the device), read data that specifically identifies the device (such as the serial number or IMEI), nor can it interfere with VPN settings or implement a device-wide Wi-Fi proxy. (2) The user’s onboard data and non-work network traffic remain separate and free.

The server will still be able to install, modify, monitor and configure enterprise apps and accounts, and will be able to enforce a passcode – but if you’re using your device without this kind of security in the first instance, you should consider it even for personal use.

Changing Permissions

The whole landscape is changing with MDM apps being required to request the mobile device management capability. (3) The data for these apps is stored in a separate encrypted part of the device’s storage, finally allowing true separation of work and play.

Making It Simple

None of this will make life easier for users unless there is a simple method of pulling it all together. Enterprises now have the option of providing custom information to users during the enrollment process and can create fully managed Apple IDs specifically for business. Enterprise iCloud? No problem!

APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) allow Face ID and Touch ID to be used within apps and websites to make logging in as simple as possible, making a shallow learning curve for users with increased security all round.

Making the switch to iOS 13 and enhanced MDM may not be something your business is prepared for, and so it’s always best to consult with an experienced Mobility Lifecycle Management (MLM) company to discuss the best options for your individual situation.

MLM companies often provide support for users who may need a little help getting on with the new system of security.