The All-New 2019 iPhone 11 and Five Things to Look Forward to

The iPhone 11 series will come at a crucial juncture in Apple’s growth trajectory and may well be its most defining smartphone since the first iPhone for many reasons.

The 2018 iPhone X series has underperformed massively and has cost the company dearly in market cap. After hitting $1 trillion valuation last August, Apple’s market cap is now just north of $820 billion (as of 2/5/2019). Wall Street is interpreting the drop in sales as pushback from even the ardent Apple fans against the ever-increasing prices of the iPhones.

Naturally, Apple is under pressure to show that it is still in control of the situation and that its customers will pay anything that it charges them. Call it a state of denial or sheer ambition fueled by past success; Apple is gearing up to awe the tech world with its iPhone 11 (that’s what we are calling it for now).

Now, there are plenty of rumors going around on what iPhone 11 family will bring. Here are some of the more credible ones.

1.      Launch Date

As with the recent iPhone launches, the new iPhone 11 series will be announced sometime in mid-September at the Apple Special Event held each year. This year’s event will be even more special as Apple is expected to announce the launch of a few more products. But, as always, the iPhones will steal the show.

2.      Price

Well, it’s rumored that Apple has finally got the message – mindless price increases aren’t going to get them far. That doesn’t mean they will be going for any price cuts either. At present, Apple is the definition of too-big-to-fail. So, they’ll likely try and pretend that the 2018 underperformance was just a minor blip. That means they will be keeping the prices almost the same. At least, that’s what the analysts think.

3.      Better Screen

Expect to see thinner bezels and a significantly smaller notch. The iPhone X maximized the usage of real estate on the screen by stretching the display close to the edge. The notch and the bezels will find themselves losing the battle for the screen’s real estate on iPhone 11 series.

4.      Triple Rear Camera

That’s right, a triple rear camera on the back of your new iPhone. How do you like that?

Incidentally, Apple isn’t the first to introduce the triple camera feature. Several of its competitors, including Samsung, LG, Honor, Huawei, and others have triple camera phones in the market for quite some time. Even in the iPhone 11 lineup, not all versions will get this feature. Only the highest model will be bestowed with a triple rear camera while the other lower models will sport dual camera setups.

5.      5G Just In Time?

Now, don’t get your hopes up yet. iPhone is currently in the midst of a bitter legal battle with Qualcomm, which was until recently the only chipmaker with 5G modems. Apple’s decision to bring in Intel meant that iPhone fans would have to wait until 2020 for a 5G supported iPhone. Thankfully, Intel has accelerated the development and release of its 5G modem, Intel® XMM™ 8160 5G modem. So, there is a good chance that we’ll get to see 5G support in the iPhone 11 lineup.