Unlimited Does Not Mean Free

Unlimited plans always sound like a great idea – how could there possibly be a downside to something unlimited? If you’re using data, and with the recent shift to more people working from home you probably are, then an unlimited plan appears to be the perfect solution.

Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case.

The Downside of Unlimited Plans

Unlimited business plans are intended for the use of several people in your company, and as such are priced per device. Take for example the Verizon Business Unlimited plans. At the time of writing, the “Essential” plan offers unlimited talk & text alongside unlimited mobile hotspot data for $35 per device with a minimum of 4 devices to be connected to the account. (1)

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This sets the base price at $140 per month, but there are a few caveats, including data throttling (slower speeds) when you have used a certain amount of data, with the limit varying based on the plan you choose. AT&T offers a similar plan which can be used for a single device – but the list price is $85 which is only available with the purchase of a full-price smartphone and with certain other conditions in place.

The biggest question is around how much data you use. A single device plan from Verizon can be just $30 per month but limits you to 500MB data. Extra data is charged at $5 per 500MB. If you have less than 4 users or only use a modest amount of data, this is could be the way to go – until you look at shared data plans.

Verizon offers a 5GB plan for a single phone with unlimited talk & text for $40 per month with a $20 per month per line access charge. Extra data comes in at $15 per GB, so you’d need to use at least 9GB of data as a single user to come close to the cost of the Verizon business unlimited plan, or around 7GB for the AT&T offering.

Managing Your Data Requirements

Phone plans of all kinds can be complex, and despite the apparent simplicity portrayed by the vendors, there will be many terms and conditions that can trip you up. Utilizing the knowledge of an experienced MLM (Mobile Lifecycle Management) company will help you to cut to the chase and find out what each plan really offers.

In many cases, you won’t be reliant on wireless data and will be using Wi-Fi instead. This means that although you may use a lot of data every month, only a small proportion is through a wireless connection. For this very reason, setting every user up for an unlimited plan would be a mistake – you’ll end up with expensive users who only use 1 or 2GB or wireless data per month.

An MLM company can manage this for you to make sure you get the best out of your existing contracts and equipment. You won’t need to switch to new contracts or do anything complex as the MLM will balance the costs for you. This is achieved by proactively monitoring your account and making adjustments before the bill closes each month. You’ll get true value for money and won’t pay for services – or data – that you don’t need.


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