Which Wireless TEM Services
Does Your Company Need?

2Enterprise communications are no small expense, and most companies overpay for their services. It’s easy to see how that can happen: As wireless service demands evolve and change, many brands are focused on making sure that their devices get the service they need to keep employees active and productive.


In the process of providing those services, most companies pay far more than they need. Wireless TEM services are the simple solution to that problem, providing necessary support to manage wireless operations while keeping those costs under control. Wireless TEM is an umbrella term that encompasses a number of wireless services, and in the course of seeking out these solutions, businesses have to figure out which services are most essential to their present-day needs.


Before you choose a wireless TEM vendor to upgrade your company’s communications, take time to understand which services are most important.


Receipt, audit and invoice processing


This is the most fundamental wireless TEM service, and one that will make the biggest difference in your telecommunications costs, according to No Jitter. A wireless TEM provider should concern itself with managing invoices for telecom expenses. This includes receiving wireless service invoices, auditing those reports to review line-by-line expenses, and adjusting spending to optimize costs and keep expenses under control.


No matter what type of business you run, this basic service is essential. It’s offered by virtually every TEM provider, although some are better than others. Companies should compare those vendors based on how much they are able to reduce the average monthly TEM expense. A good wireless TEM service will be able to pay for its own services through the savings they create for their clients.


Billing error correction


Alongside basic invoice management duties, wireless TEM providers should offer billing error correction as a basic service. At the enterprise level, even small billing errors can unravel into large additional expenses, but many companies struggle to identify these costs. Professionals who don’t specialize in TEM can get quickly overwhelmed by the complexity of these operations, and they aren’t able to quickly recognize abnormal line expenses. A wireless TEM provider can sniff out these costs quickly and make sure their clients aren’t getting charged for services they aren’t using.


Proactive account management


Some expense management services are reactionary — they use past charges and usage to dictate future expenses. But proactive account management is a little more aggressive when it comes to cutting costs, making monthly billing adjustments before the billing cycle’s closing date. This type of expense management maximizes savings by accelerating the timeline for cost reduction. It’s a more involved process on the wireless TEM servicing end, but clients get the benefit of optimized expense reduction.


Device inventory management


At the enterprise level, mobile device environments are continually growing more complex and populated. The introduction of new devices, which can include both personal devices and business-owned devices, creates complex device inventories that aren’t fully transparent to most enterprises. TEM device inventory management gives companies a complete view of their mobile device environments, tracking the devices they include, the service and infrastructure needs for that environment, and options to further reduce costs through more effective inventory management


Additional TEM services may need to be included, depending on each enterprise’s specific needs. Companies should also keep in mind the value of scalable TEM solutions: As your needs evolve over time, you’ll be much better served with a service provider who can grow your solutions to suit your changing needs.