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How To Donate To Ukraine Relief Efforts

#westandwithukraine The Ukrainian Red Cross Donate to the Ukrainian Red Cross. World Central Kitchen Donate to World Central Kitchen. GlobalGiving Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund Donate directly to GlobalGiving’s Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund. Vostok SOS Donate directly to Vostok SOS via bank transfer. Voices of Children Donate to Voices of Children. Media Support Donate to the…

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Do You Have An Accurate Device and Line Inventory?

As any accountant will tell you, keeping accurate records is vital to the success of any enterprise. Unfortunately, knowing everything about your device and line usage seems to be less important, and expenses are accrued that could often be avoided. Why Is an Accurate Device and Line Inventory Important? As new people join or leave…

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What is Lockdown Solution for Enterprises, and Why Is It Important?

A lockdown solution, often referred to as kiosk, or kiosk mode, allows enterprises to limit a mobile device’s functionality to turn it into a specific purpose device. It also allows them to monitor, manage, and control the device remotely to change its functionalities, settings, and access. A lockdown solution grants sweeping admin powers to enterprises…

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