Do You Have An Accurate Device and Line Inventory?

As any accountant will tell you, keeping accurate records is vital to the success of any enterprise. Unfortunately, knowing everything about your device and line usage seems to be less important, and expenses are accrued that could often be avoided.

Why Is an Accurate Device and Line Inventory Important?

As new people join or leave your company, there is likely to be a change in the number of devices and lines required. Adding new lines is simple – someone joins the company and they get a new device and line.

Get a Complimentary Wireless Audit and Find Out How Many Unused Lines You May be Paying For

This is common practice even if another person has recently left, but do you know how many devices and lines you really have? What if someone left two months ago and their line has been suspended since then? Would you still buy a new line? Or know to suspend the line in the first place?

Never Buy New Lines If Suspended or Unused Lines Are Available

You may have no suspended lines, or you may have quite a few. The problem is that if you don’t make a line review part of your monthly review protocol then you’ll never be certain. Monitoring usage and being clear about the options you have available is the only sure way to never buying unnecessary lines again.

Unused lines are a drain on your finances and do not allow your business to work optimally. If your goal is real success and you want to minimize your expenses without compromising on the availability of lines and devices for your employees, you need to pay attention to your inventory.

Don’t Base Your Inventory on Guesswork

An inventory of your lines and devices is only useful when it is accurate. Guessing that there are no lines available, thinking that all the devices are taken, imagining that you need to buy new lines – none of this will enable you to maximize the usage of your wireless devices and contracts.

Many aspects of mobile device management are technical and are best left to the experts, but you can do quite a bit on your own. In essence, it is as simple as counting your lines and devices and comparing them to the number of users.

The cost of using a suspended line compared to activating a new line is significant. If you don’t use the suspended line, you’ll effectively be paying for the same thing twice – the new line and the suspended line. Not to mentioned entering into another contract with the carrier. Why wouldn’t you want to make the most of the resources you have available?

Expert Inventory Management

At Intratem, we understand that this clarity is vital for the effective usage of all your lines and devices. Reusing suspended lines rather than buying new lines will save you money and improve security by preventing fraud through approvals.

We provide simple reports that show what is in use and what is available, and we’ll help you to make the most of everything your existing plans can offer.