When Was The Last Time You Audited Your Wireless Bills?

For many businesses, the monthly wireless bills are an expense that simply needs to be dealt with. Your users need connectivity, and the only way to get it is to pay for it. In a lot of cases, you might have chosen an unlimited wireless plan to ensure that your users never run out of data and that you never receive surprise charges – but the fact of the matter is that unlimited isn’t always the way to go although is a very hands-off way to manage your expectations and benchmark costs.

Get a Complimentary Wireless Audit and Find Out What You May be Leaving on the Table Every Month

User patterns can change month to month, and the user who barely used any data one month may need loads of gigabytes the following month or vice versa. Vacations, slow business times, or just the overall natural ebb and flow of operations can change and so does data usage and user requirements – many times each and every month.

Despite all these changes, most businesses are happy to pay the same amount, month after month just as long there are no surprises – but there is a better, more cost effective way.

Why You Should Audit Your Wireless Bills

Nothing stays the same from month to month, and evaluating the behavior of your users regularly will ensure that you are saving the most money on your monthly bill.

Every billing cycle, you need to know that the devices you are paying for are actually being used within your business. Errors in billing can occur, and rogue devices may appear on your bills – you could be paying for a device you no longer own, but without checking your bills, you’ll never know.

If someone has recently left their position, is their device still being paid for?

Perhaps more importantly, is the device even being used? Paying for an unlimited wireless plan for a device that is lying dormant is not the ideal way to optimize your expenses. Or paying anything, really, since that line needs to be suspended.

Auditing your wireless bills will allow you to see what needs to stay, what needs to go, and what needs updating. Users may use their devices more or less than in previous months, and if you can spot this before the end of the billing cycle, you can make changes that will save your department (and your company) money.

Why Most Businesses Don’t Audit Their Wireless Bills

Keeping a business running is usually the main priority, and analyzing mobile device user behavior is not something that is thought about too often. However, it can help with the overall health of the business.

If you have a single device that costs more than it should, you might be overpaying by $20 every month. Scale that up to 100 or 1,000+ devices, and it’s suddenly a large expense that could be easily reduced. The fact of the matter is that most businesses simply do not have the time or resources to audit their wireless bills, let alone manage their requirements with their carrier.

That’s where Intratem comes in. We have the expertise and knowledge to simply assess and audit your wireless bills to find out where you can make savings, leaving you the time to run your business safe in the knowledge that you aren’t overpaying.